The Divide

Rubber boots edge virgin snow, and your slender bodies
take on the sprinter’s form. All rush after snowplows
pass, to break their line and challenge
nervous discipline with flying powder and vaulting shrieks.
My eyes – with you.
Slide along your slapping feet, pant up smoking snowdrifts,
soar – then crash
on Little Mermaid jackets, Aladdin bags and Transformers toys, full
turn to see your bodies flailing happy.

Eyes with you, my body not. It’s more than asphalt
that divides. It’s silence, a watch
that holds my life in line, a mind unduly cluttered.


Beating Black

Catch the wind, ‘n for all its flappin’
cannot move; its only feature:
a pair of metronomic

seconds pass,
and we are riveted; one
by the wind – the other by a bit

of beating black


Innovation: A Sound-Bite Response

Allow me a sound-bite response to Barrie McKenna’s recent piece in the Globe and Mail titled “Ottawa needs to put innovation high on its resolutions list”:

Canada has embarrassingly low R&D spending because it’s a resource-based, branch-plant economy. Resource-based companies have little incentive to value-add to their exports, and companies that open branches here do most of their R&D in their home jurisdictions – mostly the US.

Thing is, Canada has too few large companies – let alone multinationals – headquartered here, and those that exist are in more conservative sectors where R&D spending is deprioritized. Make it easier to create and grow large companies in Canada and you’ll fix the innovation problem.