Checklist Resubmit

Picked up the work term report (check list resubmit) and the damage isn’t bad at all. I was worrying! The best thing that happened today? RH 8.0 was released (w00t!). I know some will think its sad that I’m happy about a Linux distro being released – but its not :P Hmm…I’m going to buy a copy (put my money where my mouth is). The next version will probably come out in March and that should (hoping) have G2.2…. Maybe I should buy that one instead? Don’t know… Looking forward to it because all the apps shoulf be completely ported over. Extremely interested in Ximian’s efforts with OpenOffice. I wonder if the result is good whether RH and Ximian will come to an agreement regarding it (I hope so). I also hope that the situation improves muchly with a buncho’ stuff ;) Hmm….quite a few jobs to post to… I also have to improve the look of my page. Don’t know how though!

• • •


Nothing done yet… Considering membership in EFF. Talked to a poli-sci student yesterday and realized with horror the way society is going. Concealed horror and adopted a “Ok – please go on” attitude. Stated by individual: (paraphrased) ‘I’ll only speak up for those who actively support me. If you didn’t support me…[shrugs]”. Money is the best way to get support (obviously – everyone and their grandparents knows this) and letters apparently aren’t worth it. Also – ‘Im not interested in stands I’m more interested in issues’. Yeah that makes sense. I mean stands are just that much less likely to get you gobs of money. Whereas issues – my my – the screentime there is awesome. The conversation was disturbing… If this is the way society is going – we’re screwed. It also brought home one point. All governance structures are set in place to ensure their own continued survival. Which of course explains a lot of things… Dad and Mom came by today. Chatted about Angela and university… Interestingness :!

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No work today. My fault. Watched Resident Evil and Blade 2. Mixed opinions. Both are aching for sequals I guess. Which brings me to the main point of today’s excercise. As I write this I am mad. Very f****** mad. Justin and I share the bathroom with another individual. This person never cleans the bathroom. He’s also quite lax on his flushing habits sometimes. We’re trying and cleaning it every week. At any rate – today we cleaned the bathroom out. This night I walked inside and was greeted with sh** stains on the rim of the f****** toilet. I mean WTF? Can he not sh** properly? Has he not learned the concept of sitting on the DAMN toilet and take a crap? I don’t even know how he got the friggin crap to hit at such a f**** bizzare angle. I AM SO MAD!!!! Those who know me know that I like things very clean – especially the bathroom… I just cannot stand a dirty bathroom since it destroys my day. I can’t say anything like this to him so I’m venting my bile, rage and frustuation out here. Why is it so F****** HARD TO MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A SHIT PROPERLY? I sure as hell have no problem – WHY CAN’T YOU?

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