Packed to the Max!


Been somewhat of an interesting day today. Got to talk to four friends that I haven’t talked to for over 6 months – 1 year. Got along well with 2, struck out with the other 2. Unfortunate. One of them really didn’t sound enthusiastic about hearing from me. Wondering what the heck went wrong. Was unable to concentrate on the work term report fully. Turns out that the situation is more convoluted than I had expected. Consoled myself by dragging out my suitcase and arranging/destroying the detritus of my stay at Leitch. Talked with people about how I react to situations. Confirmed things I’ve always suspected about myself when I’m interacting with others. Worried about getting my next job. Also found out that I won’t be able to buy the books second hand. Damn. These books will cost me a fortune. Sleep early – 12:00.

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