Highway Robbery!!!!


An eventful day today. Went to Waterloo to clear up my OSAP and associated student loans. Called first to confirm that the Student Awards office didn’t mysteriously close as they as so apt to do. Met Mike and Alex. Good to see them. Dropped over 600+ dollars on books – can you say R.O.B.B.E.R.Y? Obviously the Waterloo bookstore can. Tried to find the bike store I saw earlier – apparently they went out of business or something. Also, I think I’m getting addicted to the Pita Factory – great pitas! Got back home and drove my sister to watch Vin Diesel in XXX. Final Verdict: “Great if you like big explosions, overstressed music and a weeeak plot – good timewaster.” Somebody should tell them to turn the volume down – my ear drums are ruptured. Sleep @ 2:00.

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