Finally…the Net!


Today was a horrible day. I worked on my report – got somewhere but not much. It feels like I’m winding the entire thing down after all it is over the limit. Talked to Jaron about Linux and where it should go. I’m of the opinion that if people are interested they should try it out and recognize that it’ll involve a bit of dissonance (for now). He wants things to become pain free before he’ll move. I guess he’s waiting… Talked to Bell, set up the phone line. That took a lot of time. Asking about the billing, Sympatico and on and on… Finally got in touch with Justin on ICQ. It’s like he’s a mirage – you can almost *never* catch him. Set up Internet with Rogers – reasonable price for the first three months. Extortion afterwards since we don’t have TV. Talking to everyone tires me out :( Rest of the day unfolded badly.

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