No Computer :(


Oh my – 10 days since the last update. Partly my fault – partly not. First – I moved to Waterloo on the 8th. Unfortunately, my computer was packed away on the 7th. I’ve been without the net for a week (horror!!). When I finally got the net on Sat 14 (sharing) I found that Rogers is dog slow… I also found out I can’t update the sympatico page because I’m not ftping in from a sympatico account. Garbage. Worked on the work term report and handed that in today. Found out that I messed the page numberings up royally. Also worked on my resume a bit. Will have to do more work tomorrow. Got more involved in WARG. This is supposed to be our easiest term. I like it so far – but Calculus is for some reason again proving to be uncooperative. Actually I blame my brain.

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