GM Session


Went to the GM session today. First posting you know… Saw (and sat in) the Hummer H2, the Saab 9-5, the GMC Denali (w/ Quadrasteer) and the Chevy Avalanche. First – the Avalanche really is as versatile as they claim. Within a few minutes I saw Hal (the guy I was talking to) change it from a SUV with space for 5 into a flat bed. Wow! The Hummer is massive – the engine inside that thing looks bigger than I am ;) Finally – the Saab. Oh my… What can I saw – beauty mated with a turbocharger! I love Saabs and I finally got a chance to sit inside one! The moment you close that door – the outside sounds are completely drowned out and you’re enclosed with the smell of leather. Shweet :) Dropped off 4 resumes today.

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