Eclipse First Encounter


Looked at coop postings again today. Did quite a bit of 223 hw. If I focus well I can get all my homework finished in two days. I will! Decided I had to start on my 250 project. Hunting around for the ideal IDE. Picked on Forte (weirdnesses with Linux), Borland JBuilder (Hmm…the 7.0 download never finishes and apparently the personal edition doesn’t have support for generating JAR files or Javadoc – strike from list), Visual Age (Nope – no linux version – I’m not switching to Windows just to write a Java program). Hmm…then I happened to look back at Eclipse. I’d ignored it because the GTK2 version I had couldn’t compile C (it was a nightly build – highly unstable). It turns out though that the Java support is very well done – so I tried it out.

Oh YEAH! Everything I want and more. This thing rocks hard! Definitely my IDE of choice. Hmm…must. do. more….

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