Nothing done yet… Considering membership in EFF. Talked to a poli-sci student yesterday and realized with horror the way society is going. Concealed horror and adopted a “Ok – please go on” attitude. Stated by individual: (paraphrased) ‘I’ll only speak up for those who actively support me. If you didn’t support me…[shrugs]”. Money is the best way to get support (obviously – everyone and their grandparents knows this) and letters apparently aren’t worth it. Also – ‘Im not interested in stands I’m more interested in issues’. Yeah that makes sense. I mean stands are just that much less likely to get you gobs of money. Whereas issues – my my – the screentime there is awesome. The conversation was disturbing… If this is the way society is going – we’re screwed. It also brought home one point. All governance structures are set in place to ensure their own continued survival. Which of course explains a lot of things… Dad and Mom came by today. Chatted about Angela and university… Interestingness :!

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