Checklist Resubmit


Picked up the work term report (check list resubmit) and the damage isn’t bad at all. I was worrying! The best thing that happened today? RH 8.0 was released (w00t!). I know some will think its sad that I’m happy about a Linux distro being released – but its not :P Hmm…I’m going to buy a copy (put my money where my mouth is). The next version will probably come out in March and that should (hoping) have G2.2…. Maybe I should buy that one instead? Don’t know… Looking forward to it because all the apps shoulf be completely ported over. Extremely interested in Ximian’s efforts with OpenOffice. I wonder if the result is good whether RH and Ximian will come to an agreement regarding it (I hope so). I also hope that the situation improves muchly with a buncho’ stuff ;) Hmm….quite a few jobs to post to… I also have to improve the look of my page. Don’t know how though!

I also want a laptop (HAHAHAHAHA….) My my…with Waterloo taking so much of my money that’s not going to be possible….


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