Kiss Me 4 Candy

Ah – Halloween. Hmm…I didn’t do anything today. I managed to write “Kiss me 4 candy” on Justin’s door. Unfortunately, the girls in our house weren’t drunk enough to attempt that feat. Darn ;) Justin almost tackled me though :) Heh! Oooh – submitted a tiny nautilus patch today. I feel better! I want to get started in earnest on nautilus. It looks *really* interesting! Hmm…noticed that when Danielle and Kayleigh come over to talk to Justin and I we end up wasting too much time. Gotta do something about that. Heard the drunken seance commence outside my door. Thankfully they weren’t too *cough*cough* loud :)

• • •


Ah….weird day today. Got my 250 exam today. Did decent – not great. Got the indoctrination talk from our resident MS representative. “FREE STUFF” [blah blah] XBOX [blah blah] C# [blah blah]…” Well, apparently C# is the solution to all our programming woes ;) Oh – and they’re hading out over 4G worth of software at the cheap price of 5 bucks to us. What’s wrong with this picture? [Can you say overpriced]. Ah well. I’m biased. Got ok marks on my ECE 250 exam. I wish they’d ask for code. I can rock with code.

• • •

Housing, TPPE and More

Talked quite a bit with Geoff about housing situations, things that tick us off and what not. He gave me some concrete suggestions as to how to improve studying with Barry, Alistar and himelf. Intend to implement that immediately. Felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. We have a non-flusher sharing our bathroom with us. F****** bastard son of a whore. I say that with perfect equanimity. I als discovered that we now have another guy from the front of our house sharing the bathroom (?!)…and apparently a girl as well (WTH?). “Clean it and they will come”. I wish they’d stay the heck away. Hmm. Got calls about possibly renting the hosue out. We’ll see how that goes. Owell. Talked to Justin about the Torque game engine, Blender and CORBA. I gave my opinion that I will probably end up doing some behind the scenes glue coding. He doesn’t want to do any application development at all. He wants to do game programming (I kinda figured that). I heard it often ;) I got into program x [substitute comp related program here] because I like games. Well – its a valid statement. I got into Comp Eng because I like computers. BTW, do you know how disturbing it is to have 5 people staring at a single spider consume its prey? Didn’t think so. Heard some wierdnesses about drunkeness and people’s encounters with it. Oh my…. Worked on my TPPE. Hopefully that will go well.

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