Completed watching Blade Runner today. Great movie! What is it to be truly human? I’m not sure now… Memories? The tenous fact that we can’t be manufactured (yet)? Hmm. Submitted 6 jobs for posting today. Hoping for a interview. My my… Started reading the case. I’m screwed. MSCI kinda fell by the wayside. I’ve got to get better at doing this human interest stuff. Found out that apparently we ‘signed up’ to demo today… Horrified since we thought we we going to demo our 223 lab next week. Sorted the garbage out… Now we’re demoing on the 15th. I don’t know how this happened, seeing as Geoff and I specifically talked about signing up for the ninth. Weird. Interestingly, joined the IEEE and the Computer Society. Well – I submitted my application anyways. Let see if all goes well. Joined the EFF. One last thing to go – buying Red Hat 8.0. The problem is

  • I want to support them
  • I know that 8.1 will be a massive sight better because all the GNOME apps should be ported along to GNOME2.

That’s what I want – a fully GNOME2 desktop. I want Xfree 4.3 from CVS with support for translucency, Xft2, fontconfig, GNOME2, CUPS and all the goodies… Maybe I should wait for RH 8.1? I don’t know – it’ll be 64 dollars (before tax).

Maybe I shall buy it… Gotta call TD then and also find out if they’ll simply leave the box at my current address (that’s not good). It would be nice if I could actually be here to pick up the package… Noticed some startling problems with IE (!(!!) and a slight misalignment at lower resoultions… Must investigate and fix

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