RH Basic


Ah the calm before the storm. Wrote a cover letter for Sun, but I didn’t get the effect I wanted – will rewrite tomorrow. I really would like that job… Did a bit of calculus homework. Downloaded Roboocode – fun Java game :) Stayed up till 1:00 trying to figure out some neat stuff about plotting and intercepting. I need to remember more of my Physics… Not all that bad of a day. Figured out with Justin how much money we owed each other collectively. Tried to sort out credit card bills and what not. Phone bill came – I thought I was going to die. Sent off required emails… Figured out that a year long subscription to RHN does not cost that much at all – I think that’s the route I’ll take. Plont down $60USD for an RHN basic subscription. That’s a great deal actually – and the money will go to support a company I really like! The mirrors are clogged with people trying to get RH 8.0 and my puny connection doesn’t have the throughput to get the ISOs fast. I think I’ll wait until I have the subscription. Tomorrow is going to be brutalicious…

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