Depressing Attitudes


Slept badly. Neck is paining quite a bit too. Very depressed today. Finished off the gedit documentation (that felt good). Sent it off for examination. Talked to people who’re helping me do the raffle for WARG. Hopefully that’ll all work out. Watched Face Off. I don’t really like that movie. Felt very depressed. Reading about DRM, DMCA. It seems like no one cares. Justin is a prime example. Smart guy – but he believes that everything will magically turn out ok. I don’t think so. I think people like him are what allows politicians and those who wish to screw us to get away with this stuff. He doesn’t care – a lot of people don’t. Not only that, MS seems to be oing everything possible to gain supporters. I wonder if we’ll ever see a world in which there’s a real competitor? I look to the developing countries. Don’t fail me please. They’re literally bribing the students at Waterloo. We get an extremely cheap version of Visual Studio .NET + free copy of XP + free Visio. I know a lot of people are taking advantage of that. Not me… I find myself disgusted by this. We’ll take advantge of anythign without thinking of the consequences. I wonder what everyone will think when they *can’t* pirate their next copy of Windows. When they *can’t* pirate the next copy of XP. Then MS will have them locked in. Too bad guys. Finally downloading Red Hat 8.0

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