GDM Screwage


Posted a lot of stuff on General cleaning. Worked with Geoff on the ECE lab from 1:00 to around 5:00. Great! We work well together. Talked about the lab and got everything up and running. It was quite interesting too. Rode back to his place. Interesting :) Met Barry and Allister. Allister helped us complete the last piece of our lab – thanks Al! Minimized pieces of it down to around to 15 – 17 gates. Also can work it so it only uses 4 ICs. Had a good dinner there – Geoff cooked steaks (around 9:00ish)! Met Barry’s girlfriend and we all sat around watching Monsters Inc. BTW – mixing 7Up, Pepsi Blue, Cherry Pepsi and C plus actually tastes quite good :) Talked to Allister and Geoff quite a bit – left at around 2:00. Great day – I enjoyed it!! Got back around 2:20 something and realized that garnome hadn’t built properly – version mixmatches btw the Xft I have and the newer one. Ok… Got all the RH CD’s. Cool – now I need a computer to install them on :) Fixed the gdm problem – apparently it was libpam-modules screwing up. Amazing what a google search can do. Downgraded and went to sleep at 3:10.

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