Deep Conversations


Talked to Justin a lot about a lot of deep philosophical stuff. As a result almost no work done today. Also slept late. Yay. We disagree about emotions and what “love” is. He brought up parallels to religion. Fair enough I guess – he knows I’m religious. Have a sneaking suspicion he’s gonna be using XP soon. Depressed again. I should stop reading the tech news. it only hurts. Took the plunge and subscribed to Red Hat Network. Quite cheap actually – 60USD for a full year basic subscription. I would be intensely cheap if I stated that I couldn’t afford 10 dollars a month for an operating system I believe in. Not only that, the money also goes to support GNOME developers, which is always something I’m interested in. Shaved and go a haircut. Like myself much more now. I have even reasonably long hair on my head – it looks unkempt.

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