Another one bites the dust


Another one bites the dust. Today Justin decided to install XP. I guess I should have expected that. He really doesn’t have a problem with MS at all. He doesn’t think that their continued encroachment into every facet of computing is an issue. I hope for his sake that he enjoys his freedom while it lasts. I’m not too thrilled of course. He’s a friend yes, which is why I don’t say anything more. At any rate, no matter what I said I’d get an “it doesn’t matter” kind of answer. One can’t argue with that – cause it means that whoever said it really isn’t concerned at all. Its depressing actually. Being in university I expected to meet people who thought differently – especially in the area of computing (being as I’m a CompE). But I’m one of two (Dave being the other) people in my class who actually run Linux. Everyone else is content with Microsoft. Everywhere I turn I can see MS only and its tiring. I wonder what I can do to change this. I’m thinking laptop and the newest version of Red Hat. Too much work… Got accepted as an IEEE member.


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