Kay Problems


I am a normal guy. Yes. i handed my work term report off today. Apparently Professor Barby picks up the work term reports up personally. Hmm. Made pasta + meat sauce. First cooking I’ve done since I came here. At least I’m eating a bit better now. Fire alarm is randomly going off. Justin and I got fedup with the clanging and we removed the metal shield. Now the alarm just vibrates loudly. Yes I know. Do you know why the GNOME project doesn’t get developers? Because the quest for tutorials is met by “Read the Source”. Helpful for accomplished coders. Not for anyone else. Apparently I’m a disturbed person according to other people. No. I’m just not very social with people I don’t know. On the other hand I’m very friendly with people I do know. No I don’t know how I got from point A to B. Apparently I did something right though. I’m going to read some ECE 223 now. Made Biohazard sign. Apparently other people have noticed the horrible smell that emanates from Kay’s room (Subject of previous swear word ridden rant). They’ve also noticed the foul smell that permeates the hallways whenever he opens his door or cooks.

Remove yourself.

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