Gotta like Alizee. Heh – French does sound nice. Pity I can’t understand it. On a related note I’d like to understand Hindi and Malayalm sometime. Which means I have to learn it… Hmm. Anyways, Geoff and I started work on our Lab 2 today. Got quite aways and then spent a largish amount of time trying to round a sum of numbers without using an extra adder. Argued with Barry in front of his girlfriend about this. That wasn’t exactly our most spectacular moment you know. We separated fuming. We cooled down though and I hope by the end of the night we didn’t have feelings. (I calmed myself down and I don’t!). Not my best moment. Helped Geoff make fajitas (he cooks well!). We watched the “Hunt for Red October”, “The World is not enough” and the Simpsons (weird). I got there at 9:15 in the morning, got back at 1:00. Slept at 2:15 or so… Great day though :)

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