Oh Boy…


Well…it was an interesting day today. Completed the ECE 223 lab. I think we could have done it much better. Got really depressed today and started on my Java project. 2 days to go. I anticipate sleepless nights ahead. Cove night tonight. Got 1 (?!) slice of free pizza. Hung around a bit with Allister and Barry until I found Justin. We left Allister and Barry playing Foozball and went over to Pizza Nova. On the way there of course…started raining. Ate a delicious pizza (was ravenous – hadn’t had anything for 6 hours). Then of course found out that it was snowing. Biked home on the back streets with the icy rain/snow pounding my face. I felt lacerated. Almost skidded on a street – the ground was that slick. Got home and when we talked to Kayleigh found out an interesting thing. First, background. The bathroom we use is meant to be used by 3 people. No more, no less. Last week, the upstairs bathroom was being constructed. People started to use ours (probably because its the only CLEAN public one). We were (of course) not told about this until I witnessed a random guy saunter into the bathroom. Joy. So what did we find out today? Well, apparently last week a guy and a girl were in our bathroom.
Together – in the shower.

You should have seen our faces. I was livid. WTH? I mean yeah sure – use the bathroom. But *I* have to use it too. The last thing *I* need is for two horny individuals to be fooling around in the shower of the bathroom *I* use. No decency man… Pissed off. Went to sleep early finally.

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