All right. Today can only be described as horrible. Truly horrible. Woke up today early. Java/Calc hang over my head. Start on Java and break off in the middle. Take a look at my comp and realized that ~70% is full! My gosh…try to clean it out. First use debfoster, localepurge and deborphan to clean out unused programs, libs and cruft. Remove the 2.4.19-pre7 kernel build and the 300MB of mozilla build files. Got rid of the garnome build files as well. Dropped used to 58%. Hmm…checked and found that my multimedia accounts for a good chunk of that. Which means – I’m up the creek without a paddle in terms of cleaning out my HDD unless I get a new HDD or I transfer my files elsewhere. And I can’t write to my Windows partition either. Joy. I also have over 125MB of emails. This is not good. Hmm…. Stumbled across Subversion which is slated a CVS replacement. Apt-got it and was about to play with it until I realized I had “work” to do. Started again on my Java and worked on that. That’s when I realized in horror that I had to double my work because there were separate implementations based on the input type of the class coming in. Oh no! Did not go to sleep. Code is good to write late… I feel…nice

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