Class. Called sponsors. I hate trolling for sponsorship. Worked on a couple of linux issues. Got my ssh server up and running. I am now able to connect to it from anywhere. That’s extremely helpful :) Made a lot of much needed changes to my desktop. Very light, very open now :) Umm…found a way to get my console into 1280×1024. (This was of course – after I entered a resolution that was waaay too high. Immediately got an “Out of Sync” signal. Tried to sleep early – didn’t work out… Got up and screwed around with gstreamer. Video works on my other account. Doesn’t seem to want to work on mine. Not good. leave that for another day. I am just about to try see if I can get a splash screen for grub up. Wish me luck.

Oh yeah – and I’m not using the computer for the following week. Need to wean myself off it.

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