14/13…And Part of 15!


Hmm…I guess this is *really* a November 14/13 writeup. It’s abeen a crazy past two days. I’m writing this at 1:33 AM on November 15, 2002. I woke up at 6:30 on November 13, 2002 and I have slept exactly 3 hours in the intervening time period. And I feel great! Interesting comment – why is that you ask? Well…here goes. Woke up on Wednesday morning and went to class as usual. Realize I had a WARG meeting (ah well). Couldn’t meet Geoff at the lab so he went home. Went to the WARG meeting at 5:30. As usual didn’t say much :) I don’t like doing sponsorship tho. Umm..tried to get letters of endoresement photocopied and ended up wasting $2.00. Copied first time in DC, went back (stupidly) and realized that all the addresses were cut off at the top. Then, all the photocopiers in E2 are BUSTED. Walked over to Physics. The only photocopier there kept flashing L4, L4. Went over to Dana Porter. Apparently all the copiers are on the 3rd floor. Unfortunately, the space is occupied by a buncha Artsies with massive Socialogy textbooks who take forever to copy. Ended up walking back to DC to copy and guess what – missed the meeting. Since I missed the meeting – went to the 223 lab. Geoff wasn’t there and we had the game to finish, so I attacked it. I decided to just attack the problem and get on with it. So I stayed there, designed the state machine and drew 2 six variable K-maps. (Not fun!) Implemented more and more of the circuit. Debugged the circuit initially. I felt so overjoyed when I hooked the counter up and the light started flashing. Whee!!!! Worked more on the circuit and finally when I bdumped it it worked…sort of. The light counted too far ahead and there were a host of minor problems. As I found each problem I wrote em down and solved em. It took me quite some time. And that’s when the INCIDENT happened. The INCIDENT occured by ACCIDENT (!!) with Allister. I know what I’m talking about and I will never (nehvar!) speak of it again. The truth is though, that the guys will razz me about it as long as they know me :) It’s all cool. That’s ok though, we gave the people in the lab a good laugh. Had a weird problem with the direction not changing at the correct time. Fixed that by storming out into the hall, standing behind the lockers and thinking. That worked (woohoo!) At around 1:30 everyone except Allister, Barry and I left. I fixed my dir change some time later and spent the rest of the time working on getting miscellaneous problems + the score fixed. I found out later (much later) from Barry and Allister that I shouldn’t have hooked my increment up to the C, and but instead the CLK to the C and INCR to the CE. That fixed my problem. Bah – spent a lot of time trying to fix it :) While I was there, they worked on a whole range of stuff and tried to fix their light counting too far ahead problem. On that one though, same issue – turned out to be a 1 min fix. Good times :) Ate pizza, found out Osama Bin Laden is still alive and left the lab at around 6:15 or so. Got home at 6:30, made myself some soup and fell into bed at 7:00 AM on November 14.

Woke up at 10:00 AM on November 14. Immediately, did what I had to do, ate some food, breqed my tea for 30 mins and drank it. Found out that I was to start work on January 13th (Whoa! – that’s *extremely* late. Kinda worried about that – I was quite unhappy. Just before I left, walked into the bathroom and realized that my erstwhile bathroom sharer had left some splatter in the toilet. Joy. Put on pairs of lab gloves and cleaned off the toliet. Result: 10 mins late for the Calculus lab. Went to the lab at 11:30 and then proceeded to spend the next 9 hours and 30 mins working on the longest Calculus assignment I have ever done. (Still haven’t finished it – I have 1 more question to do, but apparently it is simple enough). Worked hard, lot of work done, lot of stuff learned. Razzed by the guys about the incident. Worked with Barry, Allister, Geoff and Rob in Physics till 4:30 (when we were kicked out). Continued working elsewhere. Particularly proud of tackling two long, hard questions with Barry. Rocked their asses. Finished Calc at 9:00 and went over to the guy’s place for movie + dinner + end of long night. Raining and extremely chilly outside. Watched T2 and bought em pizza. Happy to do so – they bought me steak and I was unhappy that they wouldn’t take the money… Great time there. Everyone as tired (I still am not very tired at all). Actually, here’s the truth. I feel *really* good. Weird. Although I feel tired, I have a feeling of lightness and happiness. Why is that? Because I did a whole ton of work. I understood it and finished it and I *didn’t* waste my time. Excellent! Sleep 2:30 (after I finish Calc and some stuff…)

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