Depressed – no work done. I need to do productive stuff to feel alive. I mean that seriously. Got somewhere with the kernel. Now GDM and X will start and display but I have to mouse/keyboard input. Sweeet. (Not!). Not bad though – walked over to Justin’s computer, examined the logs – apparently no errors. Rebooted. Hmm…Mom and Dad came today and dropped off some food. Now – for the most interesting part of my day. I was talking to Geoff and I mentioned that it was too bad I didn’t have a subversion repository set up, cause then we could work on our stuff at the same time since we’d be using a version control system. He said that it sounded cool, but given our limited timeframe it was something we couldn’t implement. I said that given 2 full days I could have done it. (Looked back and realized that I *had* two full days – but I didn’t do it). At any rate, I then started poking at the Debian package list and lo and behold – I found an apache2 subversion module. Thus began my perilous descent into Apache. Right now I have a small (tiny) personal site set up at razorblade.dyndns.org and with a link to the subversion repository. It’s viewable online if you have the password ;) Not only that, if you have access to a shell account on a *nix box and have subversion installed, you can check out the source from the repository. Pretty cool huh! Yeah, I think so too :) Amazing what one can do given motivation. Talked to Fady and it looks like I’m going to sleep for 5 hours tonight. O well. Things to do now – find a way to enable SSI. Also ensure that the password is transmitted via SSL (gonna have to do research on that) and finally, lock down Apache. I have to understand a lot more about what is happening in the config files. Thankfully, the Debian maintainer is extremely smart. The config files have been neatly organized and I was able to understand how things worked very quickly.

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