More Apache2 Work


Apparently lack of sleep catches up with you ;) I woke up today at 9:16 – on the dot. Shocked and horrified that I would be missing my first two classes, I stumbled out of bed and rushed off. Arrived in time for ECE 223 to find Allister late as well. Heh – both the Bramptonites are late. Suffered through mild eye-twitchiness the entire day. Showed off the site to Geoff. He did not seem impressed *or* keen to use it. Man…I feel kinda pissed. I’d hoped that he understood its purpose and the value it had. Now he no longer had to call/contact me to find out what I did – he knew I’d be making regular commits – so he could take a look at the website and work from there. Owell. Got home and realized with some trepidation that I was making commits and reads without (!!) submitting my password. Thrashed around for a bit aimlessly trying to find the problem – got mixed up with mod_ssl. I now want an Apache2 book – my google searching skills appear to have failed me. At any rate – found out the problem was that subversion was by default set up to cache the authenication data! Oh man…started doing stuff with –no-auth cache and ended up modifying the user subversion directories to prevent this from happening. In the future (soon) I will setup the global settings to prevent this. The last thing I need is for the person to be able to make commits the moment I finish checking out stuff into their home. Now I need to implement a logout function in the webpage – prevent caching the password somehow… Talked to Erik from approx 10:00 to 2:00. Lots of interesting stuff. Long time no talk. Found out more about his schizophrenic roomate. Hmm. Also found out how to get SSI. Might move webpage over.

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