Monthly Update ;)


Whoa! Almost a month since I last posted. Sounds like just about the time I dropped off the map for a lot of stuff. Today was an interesting day…to say the least. The new Eudoramail looks really nice and clean. Unfortunately, while they were at it, they destroyed any chance at POP3 access. Joy. I spent most of the day getting frustuated about Apache and its absolute *refusal* to display the page I have with SSI. I know its a problem with how I’ve set it up because other people’s stuff works. Now, my issue is tracking the bastard down. As of this moment I have a university page with an SVN repository, a personal page that should give you a 403 and finally a third address that serves as a freenet addy. Which brings me to another thing – I spent quite a bit today setting up my freenet node. Currently, the biggest problem is searching through it and actually finding information. Takes *quite* some time. Until that is resolved, it wouldn’t be a credible or very useful way to get information. The only solution at this moment seems to be having people actually index freesites. That is not very scalable. Its an interesting problem though. Its another item on my “list of interesting projects”. Currently that list inclues:

It’s an interesting list. Gnutella and freenet are on because I’m extremely interested in projects that are distributed at their core. The idea of scalabilty and resistance to external attacks are ones that I find extremely appealing. Fresco is my personal favorite – although I am unsure about its long term viability. It has been created as an X alternative. Everything about is is being rethought and redesigned. As a result, they’re moving away from some of the design flaws of X and they don’t have a crippling backward compatibility to deal with. That works both ways though – because it isn’t backward compatible, no existing apps will run for it. Freaking… Aight. Just been informed that I have to make a library run. So I’m outta here. The last few days have been nice – I’ve been sitting around and doing what I need to. Absolutely no issues. Everything is nice. Oh, and BTW – Racheal Leigh Cook is really *cute*. It’s unfortunate though – I suspect her real persona is quite different from what is portrayed on screen. Too bad, being a ‘nice person’ never sells. Its much more interesting (and acceptable) to be a ‘naughty’ individual. Bah, now that I got that testosterone induced bit of trivia out of my system its back to playing with computers for me. No girls to speak of yet ;) I’m not sure whether to be ok with that or what, but suffice it to say – it just is.

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