Went to the University of Western Ontario today with my sister. Seems she likes it a lot. I’ve gotta say – the campus is pretty huge. Kinda what I’d like the Waterloo campus to be like. Taller (and I mean much taller) buildings, open spaces etc. Waterloo feels *really* constrained by comparison. You know, sometimes I feel like just knocking Waterloo engineering buildings down and rebuilding them taller, more distinctive…better… Then again I also think about Fresco becoming the default *nix Windowing system and I laugh to myself – because both have exactly the same chance of happening. Approximately zer0. I also checked out the SLMP30. It appears to be unavailable at every 2001 Audio Video location that I checked out. But you know what I really want for Christams? Not an mp3 player, not any electronic device, no computer… Quite interesting actually. When my parents asked “What would you really like for Christmas?” I replied – “Can you promise me an 80% average – cause that’s what I really want.”. Of course – that’s unpromisable, so I’m not getting that for Christmas. Besides – that’s not their job – its mine. Then I was asked by someone else today, “So what do you want?”. To which I replied – “I’d like to have a great girlfriend. Someone with whom I’ll have a future.” Needless to say, that isn’t happening anytime soon ;) So, I’m consoling myself with a CD/Mp3 player that costs $150 after tax. Reminds me of the guy in MSci who stated that we were starting to use physical items to assauge our emotiona issues. Yeah – I believe him. Bah…even less GTK coding today. I feel really stupid because I’m having some issues coming to terms with the GTK API. It feels dissimilar to what I’m used to… Not only that, I’ve read some notes by GNOME programmers online saying that the API is extremely clean and easy to use. It also feels like we’re looking at two different things. I feel like a real jackass. I don’t understand. I got into Java programming right away. I understood how things worked. But this…I feel like I can’t understand it. I’ll hit it again tomorrow. Have I ever said how much I *hate* looking at dev docs on the net? I need to see hardcopy. Bah. We’ll see how things fall out. Yeah – we’ll see. I hope everything works out. I think I want a good pair of boots and a good long coat.

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