What To Do On A Christmas Eve?


Well…its Christmas Eve. Got up extremely late today. What did I do today? For starters, rolled around on Linux websites. Read a lot of information. Realized that the newest version of the Reiser4 patch was out, 2.5.53 just came out etc, etc. Read more about GGI and the developers’ plans for the future. Then…back to tackling the weird problem with the Apache server and georgeal.homelinux.org. As usual, checked it out on lynx via WARG [ssh] and saw “Gee…the pages are being rendered properly…why isn’t index showing up??”. Of course include is compiled in… Hmm…back to checking apache2.conf and what…oh me oh my, what do I see but an interesting little directive called DocumentIndex. Hmm…this looks promising. Considering that it has index.html, index.php and so on…BUT…not index.shtml. Immediately added it and the site works properly. I feel like slapping myself. I think I should be reading the config files waaaay more carefully. Took a look at the svn stuff. Moved the repositories around and made preparations for my university page to access repositories for multiple terms. I think I will have to make a separate repository page. Went shopping with my sister for a birthday present for my Dad. Ended up buying him quite a bit of stuff. Walked around for quite a bit. Saw a lot of cop cars… The Bramalea City Center has become the Hudson’s Bay Company Center really. A Zeller’s, a Bay and Home Outfitters. Realize how long its been since I last saw the place. So much has changed. Saw Justin Frim and the albino girl (Sarah?). Neither recognized me…but they wouldn’t woudl they. I do melt into the background. My biggest asset sometimes. Went to Blockbusters to pick out movies. Took waaaay longer than we expected. There is a *lot* of crap out there from Hollywood…its surprising. Picked Supernova, Green Mile and Devil’s Advocate. Got back and watched Supernova. Holy crap that was a BAD movie. I mean *really* bad. Not as bad as Freddy Got Fingered, but bad enough. We have gratitous nudity (withing the first 3 minutes), a ninth (?!) dimensional bomb, a maniacal, strong, young weirdo, three love duets, a computer with human emotions and much much more. Did I mention that the maniacal, strong, young (he keeps growing younger) weirdo has magical regenerative capabilities and can never be killed? Forgot that.. Disguted. Watched The Green Mile. Much better movie. It’s got to be horrible to kill (have to kill?) an innocent man. I don’t think I can deal with it. Ate quite a bit. MMmmmm. Mom’s cooking rocks. I mean really rocks. Cake, mutton curry, biriyani rice and so much more. Goodness all around. Realized/was told that I’d turned the dial on my bar fridge up too high. As a result had frozen milk. Called Fady…he wasn’t in. Will try again tomorrow.

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