New Machine


Celebrated Dad’s birthday today. Got the computer from Dave. Its a Celeron 400. with 128MB RAM, 2 CDROM drives. 1 HDD, 1 NIC and and old ATI Rage II+DVD. Not bad. It’s all I need to run a small experimental machine. Want to try out the newest kernels on it and fresco as well. Perhaps a distributed filesystem? Maybe I should invest in a new HDD. Watched Monsoon Wedding. Don’t know what to think of it. Scratch that – I know what to think of it. This isn’t like my family (extended or othewrwise) at all ;) Probably because we’re at the other end of India. Different religion, different culture entirely. Gotta say something though – I think the brides look waaaay too gaudy. I mean, sure its a joyous occasion and all, but there is a limit on the amount of gold you can put on a person. That’s also probably because I don’t like gold a lot. Aha – some things I can sympathize with and understand. Others are just plain weird. Is it just me or did one of the characters lust after his OWN COUSION? I mean – that’s just wrong. Baaadly wrong. Crazy. Too saccharine sweet in places. Whatever. Went to sleep at 4:00!! Jeez. That’s uh – kinda late. The Windows machines decided to take offense at the fact that their Workgroup was WORKGROUP. Stopped doing anything network related until I changed the workgroup name. I love random things like that. They make [sarcasm]so much sense[/sarcasm]. There are times in your life where you just wish you could go back in the past and take back what’s been done. I used to do that. But its better to understand what went wrong and change the behaviors that led to it. In other words – don’t regret it – change it and never make the same mistake again ;)

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