Movie Mania


Went to the library today. Picked up a huge ton of movies. Thankfully I’m getting sick of watching movies. I have an intense desire to run everytime I see one now. I believe my headaches could be the result of watching endless movies in a row. Aight – what did I do. Oh yeah – I went to the YMCA and got myself a membership. My gosh, that place is massive. I mean *really* massive. Its craziness. Its got a really nice gym, but it seems like it’ll be packed all the time. Well – if I use it well its worth the cost. went for the portrait shoot today. Jeez…that had to be the most annoying thing ever. First Dad and Mom fussed over Angela like there was no tomorrow. Go do this, do that..blah blah. Bah. Whenever they try that on me – it doesn’t work. After a certain point I just stop listening. I say whatever I’ve got goes. It’s really much less frustuating that way. Also the photographer kept saying…”closer, closer”. I mean, how much closer does he bloody well want me to go? I have my personal space here huh?! Bah..sleep at 4:00.

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