Linux Updates (28th!)


Awoke crazily late. I hate sleeping at 4:00. Woke up with a headache as well. Joy. Not only that I realized that I had to get to my orientation at the Y! Bah…stumbled out of bed and after everything got into the van. Started driving and realized that my Dad (as usual) had done the ‘gas thing’. You see, when I see the gas gauge low – I fill it when I get *back* from a place. My rationale? Simple – I won’t be as bothered and a few minutes doesn’t hurt. Besides, when I have to sprint to get someplace I don’t have to worry about fuel. But my Dad doesn’t believe in that. Joy. Fill up the gas… by the time I get there I’m seven minutes late. Now – not to say that my Dad leaving the gas low was the problem. If anything it wasn’t – I was the problem. You see, if I had been prepared, I would have left leeway time for this. Since I was not – result = late. Get there and don’t know what to do. Wander around inside the gym looking for an unknown Milka. Finally get her paged. She’s obviously not too happy with the sit. and we reschedule the thing for Monday. I hope I’m not late. Built Fresco today. That was an exercise in pain. Why? Because the Debian packages of omni ORB are freaking old. Looks like the lost the maintainer. So I build it myself. Except it takes forever because its in C++. Oh man. Then I have to get libGGI. Thankfully packages are uptodate – but it looks like I won’t get mesa support. (I found this out later). Umm.. Hmm.. So I start building Fresco and run into the immediate problem that it can’t find the bloody includes for the omniORB. Well…it isn’t in a standard path see. So of course, I try to specify the INCLUDE flag, the CPPFLAGS, etc in Bash but it doesn’t work. Joy. Oh joy. Finally look through the mailing lists and find that I have to use –with-omniorb or somethign like that. Greeeat. Finally get Fresco build (1 movie later) and try run it. Wait – forgot to say – it was in the make step that I say the message that GGI didn’t have GL support. Of course, I find out that I can’t access /dev/fb0. So, I do something VERY stupid. su and try again. I get a nice black screen with an immovable mouse cursor. Umm..hmm. Try to run the fresco demo and locks the computer up tight. Everything. No input posisble. Unfortunately, no other computer on the network has an SSH client and I’m too lazy to get one so I restart. (BAH!). Ticked off. Delete Fresco and resolve to try it on the new machine. Job # 1. Watched Amadeus at around 3:00. Good movie. Turned me kinda morbid. Actually very morbid. Headache coming faster now, like the heels of a drum rum rum. Turning drum.

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