X Replacements

Read some interesting things today about gstreamer. Being dropped by Rhythmbox. MAS just came out and word is that it won’t be used by either KDE or GNOME. Well…it goes to show all is alive and well in Linux land – absolutely no concensus as to standards ;) Although, in this case I’d have to wait and hear about the performance of MAS first before I come to any decision. Plus it seems very X specific, which kinda kills it for things like PicoGUI or Fresco. Bah. Freaking hell. Also the MIT license, which I _personally_ think is one of the weakest licenses possible. At least the LGPL ensures that if someone makes changes to your code base, they can’t simply walk away with it and sell a competing product without giving out the source. Man. Bah. Got SSL working…but…now you can connect to razorblade.dyndns.org only via SSL. Which is suboptimal. I don’t need the entire site secure…only one tiny section ;) Xine seems to be the big winner in these multimedia wars so far… Ok. Hmm…it doesn’t seem like its possible to do what I want without creating another vhost. Yay…my subversion links and SVNParentPath work flawlessly now. Now to get authentication ;) OK. WHOA. Breakthrough! Subversion (client side) will *only* check out via https!!! Heck yeah! Well..actually I had this working _quite_ some time ago. It’s just that I wanted it finer grained. But I think that will have to wait another day. now I have to track down the problem re passwords. Well. Fixed that. My stupid mistake. I should really concentrate on _what_ _I’m_ doing _right_ at that moment. I would do things faster. At any rate, it was a problem on my end. Now to try and get *even* finer grained control. Ok. I’m very confused now. Should I create a GTK2 SILC client as an exercise or should I work only on Fresco. Should I switch from Fresco to picoGUI? Should I concentrate on both, all? Should I buy a laptop? How can I maximize the time I have? [Perhaps not reading /.] ;) Bah…so many questions. Ok – here’s my take on the Fresco/picoGUI situation. I like C++ better than C. However, I want to work on a project that is for actual production use – not just a research project. In that case picoGUI looks like ‘it’. Fresco has kinda languished. But…if I help out, maybe Fresco won’t languish. At any rate – I can always move to picoGUI later – after all the concepts are the same (sorta) between them. Some of scanline’s ideas make a lot of sense. For example – application writers want to deal with widgets – not scengraphs directly…so his separation of layout, widget servers make a lot of sense. Also, CORBA is turning into more of an unjustifiable decision. [sigh]. The truth is that I think *nix people are more likely to go with picoGUI than Fresco. So confused. At any rate – back to moderating the GNOME forums again. I like GNOME. Although I hate the code that’s underneath ;) I do like how usable it is…

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What’s scary is that”m trying to use emacs keybindings to type into gedit. Whoa. Mind warp there. Sigh. Must. Get. Out. Of. Rut. Actually this rut has been in place for over 2 years now. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I just don’t want to do what I’m currently doing? I don’t know. I think one of the big problems I have is adjusting to a large volume of code quickly and making changes that could break the entire system. I don’t want to do that. Or get snivelled at. I guess one must take these in stride. I’ll send the patch off today. Damn it. I *really* wish metacity had the “Always on top” option. I miss it. A lot. I want to see what’s scrolling in the X-Chat window. Some interesting discussions about Fresco. Micah Dowty – the guy who created picoGUI is going to be starting an entirely new GUI based on the stuff he learned. This GUI is meant to be extremely scalable, have the advantages of X etc. Now, this is interesting. I face a quandry. This project is *very* close to what Fresco is/wants to be. But some stuff beckons. First, Micah seems to be a prolific coder – more interested in getting something that works in 90% of the situations out the door instead of considering all possible cases. From what I’ve read of Fresco, its developers do the reverse. Now this has its advantages too…. Now interestingly enough, having read some of the arguments for the new design and some of the arguments of fresco I…agree with both. [sigh]. Or do I just not stick to a project? But if I don’t leave is it an example of over commitment. Or what’s the MSCI term for it… I don’t know. But its interesting. It *really* seems like njs is thinking about moving on. And whoa…lurking suddenly got interesting… Will keep me posted :) NOOOO!!!! He left. Bah…I don’t get to hear the interesting technical discussions :( Bah…and I’m using ^X^S to save my gedit stuff. Whoa EMACS! Yeah. It be weird. So yeah. In the end I don’t know what to do. Bah…Freenode is being banged on today… Stupid MS SQL worm. Sigh. Groove looks really good. Unfortunately MS owns it. There is no open source alternative. Maybe I should consider writing one ;) Haha….maybe in PYTHON! Oh yeah. I don’t *ever* want to have to deal with ugly ugly code. And yes, using templates in C++ makes your code look…I don’t know. Demoralized? Ignore me. At least Autopackage is doing something. Bah. But its based on a fragile collection of SHELL scripts?? I mean…come on. Bah…what to do. I know! I’ll work on ensuring that SSL and subversion play well together on my computer. And maybe finally fix the freenet problem. Hmm…it appears that Freenet could have a bw limiting bug. Not good. Ah hmm…approximating 6K a sec for 30 days….Freenet will use…15 GB of transmission. Uh. No. I can’t pay for that. Even if I cut it down to *2K* a sec, I will still transfer 5 GB. Hmm…one solution is to move to an ISP with a higher limit (will be done) and next move to 4-5K a sec. [stunned] In my quest to find about Apache2 and SSL I found another link to my webpage via google!

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Microsoft Depression

Depressing day in some respects today. Listening to one of the core Fresco hackers today and found out about his “eagerly awaiting to port his programs to Windows.” [sigh] I guess he can’t leave Linux fast enough… You know, this does depress me. Microsoft has such a commanding presence that its often hard to see how a minority of the computer using population can stand behind and support an alternate. It’s not like MS is standing still either. They’re coming out with new products, improvements technologies etc. Not only that, by introuding the .NET platform and their new .NET tools, their developer lock has grown much stronger. Again, its hard to see any light through all of this. Very hard. You know, I partly joined Fresco because in the long run I saw it as an alternative to X. I saw it as a way to finally create a forward looking, well-designed platform – for *nix. The news that one of the main developers is extremely interested in Windows does lead me to question his commitment to the future of Fresco. Don’t get me wrong. This guy is undoubtedly a very good developer and he’s been working on the code for years. But what is his goal? Is his goal to have Fresco simply as a platform for new ideas? Or is he really working towards providing a windowing system that is not as hobbled as X? I want to know… It’s interesting since in comparison, picoGUI is quite young but it seems to have grown much faster than Fresco. Why is that? At any rate – these are simply questions. I’ve got to get back to working on Roundup. Found out that the cause of all my cgi woes was the fact that I had forgotten to symlink cgi.load in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled. Foolish…very foolish. At any rate. Very late. Gotta sleep.

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