Sealed Outside!


Well…tomorrow’s the big day huh. My work starts. Today was by contrast one of the most…irritating days possible. I wake up tired. And IO mean *really* tired. My arms and legs are sore as heck and it hurts to move. Not only that I feel really sick. I make it over all of that and go to church. Afterwards I sit downstairs and almost fall asleep. I’m that tired. Maybe I should have gone to the youth group meeting. Wait – there’s more! Go to the YMCA to work out and reach there at 4:50. Drop off the video that’s overdue and park my car underground. The place was kinda full and the workout wasn’t that satisfying today. Partly because I was feeling really crappy. Can’t finish it because too many people were using one machine. Bah. Give up and am embarassed when I can’t complete my last set on the Fly. Joy. Joy. Walk out to the library parking lot – and what do I find? Wait – the parking lot is SEALED. not only that, there’s no access to the library. Oh man. So, call my Dad – notify him that there might be an ‘issue’. Walk around. Kock on doors – can’t find any security. Greaat. I’m cold, shivering and 30 mins from home. Walk over to the City Hall and while walking to the North Entrance (apparently the only one open Sunday at 6:50) notice and open exit to the underground parking lot. Walk inside (hoping I won’t get run over). Get lost (because it has two/three (?!) levels and its extremely confusing! Bah…finally start following arrows and then signs and get to the car. Drive out as if a bat from hell is behind me. Darn it. I just feel bad today. Bleep.

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