Common Font Rendering


Thankfully the fontconfig patches have been accepted to QT! Now Xfree86 4.3 will come with FontConfig by default and GTK/QT will use it, Mozilla will use it.. Now if TK, WX* and the core X toolkits would use it we could *finally* have AA across Linux. Well – I’m forgetting about the Beast. OpenOffice. Hint hint guys – USE FONTCONFIG. Went around DRDC today on a tour. Got introduced to a sound chamber, a crash test dummy site and a diving tank. Man that diving tank is *cramped*. Reminds me of a comment a guy made – he said (and I paraphrase) that ‘Working here is like working at the science center – you get to see all the cool things that people with passes can’t see. How true :) Well – confirmed my suspicions re: KDE/aRTS etc. Bullheadedness. Did a lot of linux news catching up. Read a lot about GNOME etc. Installing the new GARNOME, new Mdk beta came out today. Read a lot on u-OS. I don’t agree with the comments about C++, but the package manager does look interesting. The man has some loft goals though. He intends to support 10000 packages by the end of 2003. He currently supports 300. All the power too him man. All the power to him. Will start looking at the Fresco code tomorrow. Man – that’s gonna be rough. Will take a look and see how the newest KDE looks. From the looks – its just as option ridden as ever. Joy. [cough – cough]. Yeah right. Apparently Emacs *could* be written at some point and time with GTK+ support for AA. HELL YEAH. That’s what I’m talking about. :) In other news I’m getting much more proficient in the use of basic emacs commands. Its amazing what 8 hours a day in front of the console will do to you. Oh yeah – I saw the simulator today. Damn was it cool :)

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