My my, I’m starting to get very used to emacs. So much so that I’m unconsiously using its keybindings in other programs and getting frustuated when something pops up. Took a look at PicoGUI. It’s another X alternative, but it started relatively recently. It’s progressed much *much* further than Fresco and it looks eminently usable. Did I mention that it looks *very* pretty and has nice cool themes ;) I have to ask micah how he manages to move so quickly, while Fresco is moving a lot slower. What is it – is it just focus, time or what? I know that he’s in university though, so maybe he codes during his breaks. I dunno. I think if I gave up some stuff things would go easier. For example, I’ve stopped listening to music. This is a good thing ™. I find that I can’t concentrate while listening to music. I’ve tried to stop watching movies. Finally, the culmination of this is the intention to stop reading Slashdot et al. and work on Fresco and other stuff in that free time. I’ll let you know how that goes. Some things though – news sites have to be the biggest time wasters in history. That and reading mail. Talked to njs on #fresco and cleared up some doubts regarding Fresco and what the files were.

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