Mandrake Bankruptcy


Ah today. Mandrake filed for bankruptcy, MS entered another market, the MPAA is pushing for totally locking down computer use and MS is going on a massive offensive to stop governments from switching to Linux by revealing some of its source and allowing govts to ‘base’ their security schemes on it. Could anything get worse? Oh I forget – *never* ask that question, because something will always get worse. I slept for 5 hours, I feel horrible. I drove for over 6-7 hours today. Well – today was the day of the raffle, so I went to Waterloo. Stayed around for an hour, dropped off the stuff I had and drove back home. Snowing in Waterloo, gusty (seems like Waterloo always find something to bring me down). Great… At any rate, hoping I’ll get to sleep in time today. Found out that my build at work was *terminally* broken. Now I have to remake the entire thing. And no sign of the master in sight. Joy. Joy. Joy.

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