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Have you ever got to play with virtual reality goggles? I got to today. It was extremely neat… I mean, the feeling of being in another place was interesting. Unfortunately, the resolution has to be upped and some other work has to be done. Not only that the goggle manufacturers have to mconstruct the goggles better. Then we’d have some cool stuff going on ;) Ah well, gotta hope that someday I’ll be able to work on that and get some improvements in. Working on getting a bug fix in for Fresco. Hmm..surprise surprise. My code actually built. Oh my. Ok…now for the testing. I figured out the mistake I was making the first time. In fact, it happened because I confused exception() with Exception(). Go figure. Yeah. I know. Ah well. We’ll see if everything works out. At least I can play with the bug list page… Asked quite a few questions today and found out that it’ll take *quite* some time to create non-Xfree86 accelerated OpenGL drivers. There’s a difference between accelerated drivers and accelerated OpenGL drivers. This might sound perfectly plausible and understandable to a lot of people. I guess I’m not that smart.

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