Microsoft Depression


Depressing day in some respects today. Listening to one of the core Fresco hackers today and found out about his “eagerly awaiting to port his programs to Windows.” [sigh] I guess he can’t leave Linux fast enough… You know, this does depress me. Microsoft has such a commanding presence that its often hard to see how a minority of the computer using population can stand behind and support an alternate. It’s not like MS is standing still either. They’re coming out with new products, improvements technologies etc. Not only that, by introuding the .NET platform and their new .NET tools, their developer lock has grown much stronger. Again, its hard to see any light through all of this. Very hard. You know, I partly joined Fresco because in the long run I saw it as an alternative to X. I saw it as a way to finally create a forward looking, well-designed platform – for *nix. The news that one of the main developers is extremely interested in Windows does lead me to question his commitment to the future of Fresco. Don’t get me wrong. This guy is undoubtedly a very good developer and he’s been working on the code for years. But what is his goal? Is his goal to have Fresco simply as a platform for new ideas? Or is he really working towards providing a windowing system that is not as hobbled as X? I want to know… It’s interesting since in comparison, picoGUI is quite young but it seems to have grown much faster than Fresco. Why is that? At any rate – these are simply questions. I’ve got to get back to working on Roundup. Found out that the cause of all my cgi woes was the fact that I had forgotten to symlink cgi.load in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled. Foolish…very foolish. At any rate. Very late. Gotta sleep.

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