ArchiveFebruary 2003

Stream of Consciousness

I think a stream of consciousness would be a bad thing for me to have with this blog. It would look like I’m a schizophrenic. Seriously.

Entry Deleted (A.A.)

A complaint has been made to the University of Waterloo regarding my opnions in this entry. I have removed these opinions in accordance to their request.

Work After Work

I’m wondering whether its a good thing that I’m still thinking about work after work. I did no Fresco work today as a result of that. Also talked extensively to Erik. Good to keep in...

Anti Propaganda Propaganda

Felt really ill today. Guess I’m coming down with whatever my co-workers and my family are getting. Freaking… Did nothing when I got back home. Must focus more on getting actual Fresco...

Blown Off

Ever feel like you’re being blown off? I felt like that today on the Fresco IRC. [tired]Is it just me? I mean – what is it? Or is it the fact that I haven’t contibuted enough code...