MEGA Dinner


Got up quite late today – a weird headache on one side of my head – not sure what it was or how it was caused. Had stayed up very late the night befor talking to neiljp about CORBA and fresco. Did a little work today. At aroud 5:50 left for the MEGA dinner. Interesting evening. Got to talk to Jerry Meade – a representative of the PEO. Asked him about what is being done about certifications that include “Engineer” in their name without them being an actual engineering graduate/degree. He stated that the PEO is trying to do more about it – they’ve hired three extra people to police the abuse of the term engineer. Also, they’re taking Microsoft to court over its clearly fraudulent use of the term Engineer. I should state (in all fairness) that Red Hat, following Microsoft’s lead has a certification called the RHCE which also uses the term Engineer illegally in Canada. I dislike _intensely_ the fact that people see fit to use the term engineer in whatever way, shape or form they see fit. Seeing as I am studying engineering some guy out of arts/business should not be getting the right to have Sales *Engineer* (!?!!) on their business card. I mean – what the hell is a Sales Engineer anyways? Heard of the following – Sanitary Engineer, Marketing Engineer? It’s out of control and the PEO doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. If it was – then why am I seeing so many abuses of the term? At any rate – the dinner was decent and afterwards people took the opportunity to loosen up quite a bit and dance around. It was quite hectic. Gotta say one thing – these functions always seem a bit ‘off the cuff’.

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