Racial Profiling


So what do I read today but this article in the Toronto Star. I knew that problems like this were going to happen when the US started its racial profiling, but this is hitting _very_ close to home. My name is Allen A. George. I happen to be a Candian citizen. I also happen to an Indian, and was born in Kerala – a state of India. [Sidenote: When will the Indian government come to their senses and let me have dual citizenship? I _want_ to be a citizen of India and their senseless policies are preventing that]. If I come to the US from another country will I be subjected to this stupidity as well? I mean – what would have been the harm in _checking_ with the Candian Consulate to verify if whe was a Canadian citizen or not? Also, what base intellect and ignorance made them conclude that all Indians are named Singh? My name is George – from birth – does having a name like that automatically put me under suspicion because I don’t have an Indian enough name? This is totally ridiculous. I think this letter put it well. I too am an Indian Christian and I don’t think that some INS official’s ignorance should mean this sort of disreputable, despicable behavior.

The sad thing is that no one is going to tell the US that this behavior is utterly moronic. It seems to be the prevailing attitude nowadays and I am thankful that I live in Canada. Ignorance like this is what leads to problems down the road…

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