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And…mystery # 1 is solved when it comes to Zope. It turns out that port 8080 is for the Red Hat (I guess RPM based) Zope setup, while in Debian its set to 9673. Just found that out today morning… It would explain my frustuations trying to connect to the Zope server. Now, let me experiment with this and find out if I can create a consistent framework to which to migrate all my websites. Integrate svn, my blog, the issue tracker etc under a single consistent framework… Whoa, there’s a dream. It’ll take a long time to do I think. Also to be noted is that the user created with the Debian account does not seem to work (for whatever reason) anyways I did:

  • cd /usr/lib/zope
  • python zpasswd.py /var/lib/zope/access
  • Fill in the stuff needed
  • /etc/rc5.d/S20zope stop
  • /etc/rc5.d/S20zope start

This got zope started up and I was able to access the management interface. I am so emotionally drained today. Talked to Stefans for a bit and got my next task for Fresco. Will work on that tomorrow. Finally got myself a chairmat (so I can use my office chair!). Experimented a bit with Zope… I think I can see the _huge_ advantage of working with a CMF system. It would certainly simply some of my tasks and give me things like comments etc. Concerned though – what are the differences/advantages of using say the Plone Collector as opposed to Roundup. I think Plone collector will be simple and easier to use and probably more well rounded and integrated into a CMF framework, but since Roundup was designed specifically for Issue Tracking it would be much more powerful if you wanted to use it for that purpose only. So many choices. [sigh]Everywhere I turn it seems MS is getting stronger. Is there no chance for us? My depression increases. We have to get Fresco out – or maybe PicoGUI will be the Linux world’s great hope. After all, I think its a given that the first project to break new ground is often the one that doesn’t succeed. It’s only the ones that come after that become truly great. Why? Because they learn from the first one’s mistakes. Must sleep now.

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