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[sigh] All right. As I sit here – I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading about Eugina Loli-Queri’s new hobby OS – Sequel. Who is Eugina? She’s a ‘contributing editor’ (my ass – she writes almost every article) on OS News. And now I’m going to spend at least 10 minutes of my life ranting about her/it. Eugina… I think the only way to (politely) state my opinion is to say “I dislike her – intensely”. Seriously. I am usually a very reasonable guy But I have the feeling that if I’m in the room with her I would be forced to give her a laxative in the hopes that she would lose interest in the verbal diahrhea that she succumbs to in order to relieve her physical pain. In other words I cannot stand her. At all. Why? Hmm…perhaps I can list a few reasons.

  • Steadfast belief that only she is right. Not open to dissenting opinions.
  • Inability to accept that she is wrong. (Note: this is different from above – she’s never apologized, even when she’s balatantly wrong)
  • Strident. Her preferred method of ‘debating’ is repeating her stroy 300 times and questioning the other individual’s intelligence whould they disagree.
  • Inability to compromise. If I were the owner of a company I would fire Eugina. She thinks that interating that its her way or the highway is the ideal way. Wrong. In most companies that attitude will probably cause deadlocks and 3 times the amount of friction had you deal with the situation in a more _diplomatic_ way.
  • Hatred of open source. Hmm…yes I can admit that OSS is not for everyone. That’s not a problem – there are all different kinds in the world. But Eugina’s hatred for OSS is extreme. Her rantings on the incompetence of OSS in general, its lack of viability etc etc would make a sailor cringe. [And she wonders why OSS designers don’t stoop to kiss her ass when she screeches her latest prcolamation]
  • Power complex. Everyone must bost to Eugina.

And more… There are a few rules you should know about OS News. First – there is a cult of Eugina. These drug addled invertebrates believe that all that Eugina says is right. Usually after she slams OSS. Again. Second, don’t ever question Eugina. Such a thing is TREASON. I mean Eugina must _always_ be right. Even though what she’s saying is _blatanly_ wrong. We know she must be right. Third, if ever Eugina is losing an argument, she’ll blame some of her earlier statements on her lack of command of the English language. [cough]BS[cough]. She’s probably got a better command of English than 3/4 of the posters on OS News. Finally, for someone who expends so much vitrol on slamming OSS projects, she’s done remarkably little in helping them. Perhaps she should consider these few pieces of advice. First – yes, projects have problems. However, it is possible to highlight those problems without slamming developers or insulting them, or saying insulting comments about them in forums. If you do, then do not expect them to kow-tow to you when you want those problems fixed. Secondly, its nice to have principles and stand up for them, but you will really get a lot more traction if you’re willing to work _with_ people. Give it a try. It works. Yelling at them won’t. Jeez…I just spent twenty minutes writing this and I’m still not done. Now I’m pissed. I’m writing about Eugina while I haven’t done my latest Fresco task. Dammit!

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