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Well, it’s uh the 21’st and I realized that I didn’t write in my blog. That’s not good. I was trying out my commitment to consistently update this page. So what have I done? Well – I spent the last week _cursing_ X at work. And cursing just about every graphics related thing in sight. Man – so many problems. I just wish I was able to work 200 hours per day. Maybe then I could solve all my problems. But that’s not important. The important thing is that I fell in love…with RH 8.0. [Guess you weren’t expecting that!] In my quest at work I got the chance to install RH 8.0 on a dual 2GHZ Xeon with 2 GB of RDRAM, my choice of Radeon 9700 Pro or 3D Labs Wildcat 5120, 2 36 GB SCSI hot swappable drivers and a 19″ monitor. Sadly enough – RH 7.3 was not very…nice on that machine. Not to mention that it looked horrible. At any rate – RH 8.0 blazes and (I almost cried when this happened) it allows me to use the hyperthreading capabilities of the Xeon. I felt – overjoyed – when I started up perfly (SGI Performer demo application) and it said “Found 4 CPUs!”. BOOYEAH! RH 7.3 eat your heart out. Problems though have to be dealt with. I love the AA and I am really looking forward to RH 8.2. Why 8.2 instead of 8.1? Because hopefully by then we’ll have a completely AA enabled Mozilla and the last vestiges of GTK apps will be replaced by nicely AA’d GTK2 apps. The gcc 3.2 compiler is much stricter so I guess I’ll have to do work on that front.

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