Anti Propaganda Propaganda


Felt really ill today. Guess I’m coming down with whatever my co-workers and my family are getting. Freaking… Did nothing when I got back home. Must focus more on getting actual Fresco work done. it _is_ possible. Today was a sort of renaissance in terms of my other activities. Focused on and made serious headway on my work. Ah well – tomorrow’s another day, which means that it has potential to be used well. And with help I _will_ use it well. Hmm..turns out that yesterday’s computer mess was completely my fault. I was up late and checked out the status of my blog and was horrified to find it completely borked. In the mood for anti-propaganda propaganda? I don’t agree with everything there – but lets just say a major chunk.

I was going to write something else here, but I decided at the last minute not to. Sleep well.

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