I talked to Erik this morning. He seems to like RH 8.0. That’s good to hear. Call me strange, but I’m always pleased when one of my friends takes the effort and tries Linux out. There are so many out there who have the capability, but for whatever reason – won’t take the step to try something different. Justin is one person like this. Perhaps he doesn’t mind – or care enough. He thnks I care _too_ much about things. I’m appalled at how he can get through life without thinking about things. I mean, he seems to just say “Enh” to everything. Well – almost everything. We sure got into a big argument about his hatred of the word guesstimate (?!) Justin’s a cool guy – but his lack of emotion contrasts (and sometimes grates) when compared to my excess of the same.

I just want to scream and beat my self on the head. What am I doing here? Why didn’t I do something productive instead of relaxing? Time is precious, you can’t afford to waste it like this. I mean – what were you thinking? Have you ever _asked_ yourself why you were using your time like that? Don’t you think that using your time to learn as much as possible is a valuable thing to do? I mean you COMPLAIN about there not being enough time and then sit back and relax when you _do_ have time. You hypocrite!
br> Sometimes I just feel up like curling under my desk and crying.

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