Lack of Sleep


I think I have a problem. I have an issue with bright lights… Seriously. At my work, there’s a room that I have to work in with track lighting. Unfortunately, the placement is such that the light shines almost directly into my eyes. That (you have to agree) is a problem. At any rate, because I have to work more frequently in that room, I have serious issues in terms of headaches. Now, I seem to be sensitized to bright lights in general. At any rate, I can’t stand headlights and I seem to be getting headaches more frequently. _Not_ good. Hmm…this seems like a bad year to me. A war in Iraq is coming, SCO (bastardos…[mutter]) is suing IBM, North Korea is going nutty and MS is pushing heavily into just about every area possible. I wonder how it will end. I hope that some day graphics drivers will be truly decoupled from X. I really do hope so. Hmm…today I was sleeping and woke up to hear that Pres. Bush stated that “War is the last option” when it comes to North Korea. The North Korean media (hyperbolic at the _best_ of times) took it upon themselves to claim that this statement meant that “war is imminent!”. Now, I may not like Pres. Bush (at all) but I am _really_ getting annoyed at North Korea. Sometimes I wish that we could just bomb their state-controlled media _and_ their “Beloved leader” back into the stone age. Idiots. Its horrible that some pyschopathic idiot can hold his entire country hostage. Oh yeah, of course the ‘champions of international justice’ (BS) want the US to deal directly with North Korea instead of going through the Security Council. Make up your mind nations – you can’t say “Deal with the Security Council” when it comes to one threat and “Deal with it yourself” when it comes to another. Given these actions I can actually understand the frustuation of the American administration sometimes. Ain’t that surprising.

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