SCO Anger


Ugh…just spent 45 minutes reading about Subversion, Arch et al. I think I have to agree with the Subversion guys’ idea of not releasing 1.0 until it is _well_ and truly tested. If there’s one thing people hate its their version control system dying on them. There would be immediate retaliation. At any rate – found that Arch has a number of features that SVN does not. Sounds extremely good. The “easy merging” feature sounds tantalizing. I’ve had a number of spurious conflicts with SVN and it sounds like Arch deals with this. But – Tom Lord is no longer working on it and it is deifnitely not portable. Can _anyone_ say ‘shell scripts’? [shudder] Which is (incidentally) one of the main reasons I’m not so keen on Autopackage. There’s something about using shell scripts that means ‘non-portability’ to me. _But_ they are trying to solve a very complex problem – so I give them credit and wish them the best of luck no matter what language/tools they use. They’re trying to make a difference. Ah yes… There’s nothing like a sari to accentuate a woman’s physique. Yes… Ahem. Yeah. That was _my_ random thought for the day ;) My anger is growing at the SCO fiasco. I sincerely hope that this will not damage the Linux community in any way. All I have to say is this – SCO last _any_ respect they had with techies (not much) when they did this. They also managed to do something else – they’ve galvanized almost the entire open-source community behind IBM. Weird huh. Not only that, with Sun stating that its pausing with its Linux strategy (what – it has a _coherent_ linux strategy?!), OSS advocates are angry that Sun is trying to take advantage of the situation. For the first time, I’m seeing a lot of Sun’s goodwill being spent. Which I’m not too angry about quite honestly – I think that ‘fair-weather’ friends are reprehensible. But who knows what will happen. All I know is that its better to have a number of companies participate in Linux development instead of just one. And I would like the SCO lawsuit to be resolved in favor of IBM (please, please, please, please). I fear how Linux adoption will be affected by this. Maybe it won’t?

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