Back To Waterloo


Got an email from Kurt – looks like I’ll be dropping by this Saturday. WooHoo! Got an email from Allister – asking about the elective I’m choosing + ‘reminding’ me that I’d forgotten to pick up my jacket (8 months since I left it at Mario’s on the migrane night). Yeah – I should do something about that. At any rate, his comment about picking an elective stirred a faint spirit in me – after all – I’d come to Waterloo – I might as well act like I _cared_ about going back ;) So tried to put together a choice for next term’s elective. And henceforth ran into a few problems.

  • Waterloo’s ECE Dept page is crap
  • Did I mention that Waterloo’s ECE page is crap? I mean – what does this say about the university? (cough cough – Give _more_ of your money to Microsoft ECE – they obviously don’t have enough)
  • The pages are a warren
  • Some sick, sadistic individual designed the software option – its a royal pain in the ass to try and pick ‘linkage courses’ that satisfy the CSE requirements
  • Why the hell am I doing so many CSE (Complementary Studies)? GIVE ME THE TECH COURSES!!! Unfortunately – this is not Waterloo’s doing – but that of the Canadian Engineering Accreditaion Board. What the hell is wrong with them. I don’t want to be hunky-dory with the rest of society! I want to be geeky and _totally_ immersed with tech.

At any rate – after quite some time of slogging through the badly designed pages and tons of interconnections (“You are lost in a maze of twisty passages”), I came up with a horrible preliminary calendar. Got sick and tired of dealing with Waterloo. Saved the calendar and started talking to Vikram. Apparently he’s not to hot on Waterloo either – although to be quite fair – its hard to tell whether he’s joking (being sarcastic) on ICQ or not. Wrote up the Fresco release notes and posted it to the ML. Asked for comments. Sleep early today.


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  • My opinions on this subject have undergone a diametric shift. I now actively seek out CSEs in my coursework and view them as a way to expand myself as an individual.