Waterloo…In Good Circumstances!


Bah, woke up after 5 hours of sleep with a bleeding headache and an inability to fall asleep again. Curled under the blankets _hoping_ that Morpheus would find me – but to no avail. Stumbled off to work on Roundup. Sifted through mail and noticed Richard Jones replies to my fevered queries. Much joy! Good answers and very helpful. Uhh…hmm…apparently I need javascript for the dynamic select menu thingy? Doesn’t TAL handle that? Called by Dad and told that one of the vehicles had suffered a belt shredding. Grief. Motored off and picked stranded parents up – result: a 3.5 hour delay in going to Waterloo to meet up with Kurt. Great… Drive to Waterloo not bad, but head is giving me the run around. My head pains are getting a bit frequent. Not enough to call them real headaches, but enough that they’re a nuisance. I wonder why they’re caused. Made it to Kurt’s at around 3:30. Ah – I see he’s doing well! Very good to see him. Noticed the ravage caused by the canteloupe war his housemates left. Coincidentally the rotten fruit is congregated around his and his housemates door….although they spread down to the hallway ;) Met Josie (pronounced Joh-see) – a guy from elec. Surprisingly he recognized me. Jawed about game of life and the ping pong game assignments. Recounted tale of 6-var K-map to be met by surprise… Realized how much I’ve forgotten (oh damn). Neat little place – although I can’t say I agree with the choice of girls on the walls (Anna Kournikova, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears – come on guys, you _can_ do better than that). Went off with Kurt to Philthy’s and had a lengthy and very, very unhealthy dinner. Used the time to catch up on quite a bit of stuff. I recounted the _almost_ trip to France and mentioned that I was interested in going to Europe, one time or another. Kurt agreed and asked if Justin, him and I would consider a trip together. Sounded like a great idea! Hopefully this one will work out… Kurt and I excited over the idea, talking about different things req’d. But, too early to plan – proposed date is over 1 year in future – so this is more statement of intent. At any rate, I wasn’t joking. I want to make it to Europe and I’m not going to wait for “the perfect time” to make it over. I’m setting a date and sticking by that… Walked back and fired off an email to Justin. Said goodbye and drove back on the unlighted (in sections) 401 listening to euro at high volume. Somehow rock and alternative just doesn’t sound as good at night… Go euro beats!

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